Centuries ago Vathan was a thriving proud nation of men. Now, the lands of Vathan are overrun with the fell races of Orcs, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, Trolls, and Hill GIants. All of these races are united under the banner of one Malorak, a great orc war-king and ruler over the land. From his fortress of Dol Gundar, Malorak dispatches his warbands to raid the fringe areas of former Korynth (Now Astaria) and the homes and farmlands of The Wilderlands.


The lands of Vathan are a collection of badlands, hills, twisted nightmare forests, and desolate plains stained in blood. The Icefang Peaks to the west have served as a barrier to an all out invasion into the realms of men, but Malorak continues to plan his takeover of humankind. Still, his armies thirst for blood and while dormant now, the King of Astaria must maintain a watchful eye to his eastern neighbors, for rumors of a dark malevolence radiating from Dol Gundar are growing every day. Some say Malorak has entered a pact with a foul power from the Abyssal plane in his pursuit of conquest.


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