Warlock Patrons

Mortals across the Realm have engaged into pacts with strange otherworld forces for centuries. Most seeking the power their patron can provide them to enhance their station in the world, defeat a rival, or seal a romantic interest. But as with any pact, there is always a price and the patrons expect that price to be paid in full for the power they grant. Below are some of the patrons of the Realm.


Glendael – Queen of the nymphs. She dwells in the Feywild on the crystal shores in her palace. She is such a creature of beauty that to look upon her strikes most mortals speechless. Anything she touches is imbued with beauty and charm.

Tetheron – Tetheron is the first Centaur. His creation remains a mystery. He is worshipped by all centaurs and revered as the father. He is a powerful warrior and master hunter.

Mythilia – Most warlocks who strike deals with the Archfey turn to Mythilia. She is the fairy goddess of magic and ruler over the fey. She dwells in the Glimmering Vale in the feywild. She is the most powerful magical being in existence it is said.

Syranus – The true form of Syranus is unknown. He appears as many different creatures, but it is believed he was once a fairy who fell into dark magic which consumed his sanity. He is wholly evil and seeks to dethrone Mythilia. It is rumored that he once had an affection towards her, but she spurned him.


X’labru – This arch-demon of the Abyss has a large bulbous shape with thousands of eyes surrounding one large eye in the center of his massive frame. Tentacles form claws and pincers protruding from his form. While he grants his servants great power in their mortal lives he is quick to lead them to a torment of hell for eternity in the Abyss.

Nagash – Once a mortal man, he ascended to power through dark pacts of his own and attained lichdom in his life time. Eventually his desire for power allowed him to transcend even immortality, drawing dark energy and power around him in his place in the shadowfell. He was imprisoned there after being defeated. While in the shadowfell his power grew stronger and he became more and more mad. His essence remains and those bold enough to call on him enter into a life of servitude while they pursue immortality of their own.

Verolak – The great demon lord serves as the right hand of Balor. He aspires for godhood and to supplant his master and he uses his servants and warlocks to further this goal. He usually appears in the form of a normal human. His true appearance is unknown even to the strongest of magics.

Mersillia – The demoness Mersillia is the ruler over all Succubus. She usually appears in the form of a beautiful dark haired naked woman to her servants. But for every bit of outward beauty, her true nature is that much more twisted and evil. She often aids those seeking power through the art of seduction.

The Great Old Ones

Arc-Saggoth – Older than old. It is said that eons ago, one god created his eight children to rule over the Realm. In time his eight children conspired against him jealous of his power over them. They tricked him trapping him in a star and erasing all known memory and record of his existence in the Realm. This god, known simply as the Arc-Saggoth by his followers now, speaks in dreams and cryptic messages. Although imprisoned his power is still strong enough to make contact through nefarious rituals often requiring the sacrifice of a soul.

Ilsensine – Patron deity of the mind flayer, Ilsensine feeds off of knowledge and power. He appears as an enormous green amalgamation of brain matter and tentacles, Ilsensine dwells in the Far Realm. Many knowledge seekers engage in pacts for vast power. Over time Ilsensine corrupts and eats away at their soul devouring them into madness.

The Elder Eye – Very few in the Realm know of this denizen of the Far Realm, if that is where he truly dwells. The Elder Eye is the grand master of change and chaos. From afar he watches worlds twisting and shaping their destinies and fates, or so it is believed. His true form is beyond human understanding much as the plots he weaves amongst the galaxies he watches over. It is said that the only being more powerful in the universe is the arc-saggoth, but even that is in question.

Warlock Patrons

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