Zanthas is a broken and barren land of rocky deserts, badlands, salt flats, and great mountain chains. The land is bordered by the Deathwind Peaks to the west and the Dune Sea desert to the east. It is a region known for its savagery and brutality. A place where the environment is just as deadly as the dwellers within. There are six main city-states that compose Zanthas along with numerous villages, nomad tribes, raiders, and more. Behind the walls of the city-states the rulers govern their citizens with iron tyrannic fists. From brutal warlords to sorcerer kings, these city-states are home to cabals, torture, slavery, blood sport, and more.

Zanthas was once a vibrant and bright land full of life. Over many centuries, powerful sorcerers waged war on its land depleting its natural surroundings and turning it into a wasteland. The absence of the mithil in this part of the world meant wizards had to draw their magical arcane energies from the very land itself, leaving nothing but barren rock, warped forests, and desert in their path to conquest and power. What remains behind is a land lost in time and forgotten. No sane person enters Zanthas on their own.


Vreskh is one of the largest cities in the region sitting close to the Deathwind Peaks, it is ruled by the mage-king Maltheus. The city itself is home to around 15000 citizens, many of which are slaves. Like many civilizations in the region it is centered around a well which provides irrigation to Maltheus’s elaborate hanging gardens and provides drinking water for the denizens of the city.

The city is composed of three sections each walled off by high mud and stone walls. The outter section, known as the warrens, is home to the peasants and slaves. It is a winding metropolis of mudbrick homes, low quality taverns, and much more. The middle section is the Merchant Ward. The more wealthy part of town, the merchants deal in everything from spices and silk, to slavery and mind manipulating drugs. It is also home to the most popular portion of the town, the Arena, where Maltheus and his cronies stage grand displays of gladiatoral carnage. The inner most section is home to the Grand Palace. Surrounded by courtyards and hanging gardens, the golden spire of the palace rise hundreds of feet in the air marking a sight that can be seen from miles beyond the city’s borders. Here is where Maltheus and his servants and advisers dwell in lavish luxury uncommon to any citizens of Zanthas save for the most powerful and corrupt.


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