City of Towers


Mordheim is the largest free-city in the Realm with a population right around 200,000 citizens.

The city is ruled (at least openly) by a group of nobles called the Mournvale. 13 Lords of highborn birth who govern the day-to-day operations of the city. They are by and large corrupt each one seeking to gain his or her own foothold in the city’s hierarchy. Power plays are made every day.

The city is broken up into 3 distinct districts; Skyhold, Midward, and Downbottom. There is also a vast inter-connected series of underground ruins, tunnels, and crypts underneath the city called Undermord.

Known Factions

Archons of the Obsidian
Order of the Steel Song Adventurer’s Guild
The Red Masque
Thieve’s Guilds
The Wyrm Singers


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