To the east of Mordheim and The Wilderlands in the Icefang Peaks, dwell the Mountain Dwarves of Khorvia, the greatest remaining dwarven stronghold in the Realm. The dwarves of Khorvia are a proud and reclusive folk led by their king, Theodain Frosthammer IV. Rarely do the dwarves of Khorvia travel beyond its borders and in fact, most major trade cities travel to the dwarven kingdom for bartering and trade. Khorvia specializes in crafting steel and iron weapons and tools as well as remarkable jewelry and sculptures.


Three centuries ago, King Theodain’s grandfather, Halinor Frosthammer, rallied his people, the great dwarven families of old, to reclaim Khorvia from the rule of the Frost Giants who had taken over the stronghold some centuries before. Many dwarves were displaced when the Frost Giants invaded the great hall to claim it as their own and the great families were scattered across the Realm. Halinor led an army of dwarves and men back to Khorvia and took the great halls back from the invading Frost Giants, scattering them across the Icefangs. In addition to the constant threat from the Frost Giants, the dwarves are presently caught in a war with the mysterious fish-men of the underdark, who are being controlled by something far more dangerous and malevolent than anything they have ever encountered before.


Despite their difficulties and adversity, the Mountain Dwarves thrive under the rule of King Thoedain. He has managed to expand the kingdom’s mines to even greater depths, at the risk of uncovering even deadlier foes. Recently he has been involved with several dwarven families who are staking a claim to the recently discovered lost stronghold of Dreadrock to the west.



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