Gauntlet of the Ghast Queen


The Gauntlet of the Ghast Queen is an annual event coinciding with the Festival of the Ghast Queen. During the festival, usually held near year’s end, citizens dress up in costumes and celebrate with grand parades and feasts. Capping off the week long festival is the Gauntlet.

Underneath the city’s large arena, the ancient tomb of the Ghast Queen plays host to the event. Prisoners are plunged into the dungeon with two options, find the hand shaped gems of the Ghast Queen to emerge, or die trying. Faced with the dangers of the ruined crypt itself as well as competing with other prisoners makes the challenge that much more intense. Those who emerge from the Gauntlet are granted a full pardon for their crimes and are celebrated as heroes.

It is rare that more than a single person ever makes it out of the challenge alive. The notable Champions of the Gauntlet are the first group of more than 3 to emerge from the Gauntlet in over a hundred years.

Gauntlet of the Ghast Queen

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