At the base of the two towers that make up the grand towered city of Mordheim rests the foundation; the Downbottom district. Sunless and cold, the River of Tears flows through the city’s heart here and merchants and traders ship goods south to The Wilderlands and Astaria.


Many wards make up the Downbottom District and are detailed as followed.

The Mires
District Type: Waterfront
Area 1. Poor lodging, Poor Food, Poor residences, poor trades
Area 2. Warehouses, Poor residences, poor trades
Area 3. Poor residences, poor trades, poor food, poor lodging
Area 4. Warehouses, Poor residences, poor trades

Flea Bottom
District Type: Shantytown
Area 5, 6, 7, 8: Poor trades, poor services, Poor residences

Hells Gate
District Type: Red-light District
Area 9, 10, 11: Temple (Shrine of Shayde), Poor services (Taverns, Gambling Halls, Brothels) Poor residences

Red Hearth
District Type: Slum
Area 12, 13, 14: Temple (Venress), Poor lodging, Poor residences, Poor services

Gavin’s Hold
District Type: Tenement
Area 15, 16: Poor residences

The Stores
District Type: Warehouse
Area 17, 18: Warehouses, Poor Services, Poor Trades

The Gallows
District Type: Tavern District
Area 19, 20, 21, 22: Temple (Shrine to Myrk), Poor trades, Poor Services, Poor Lodging, Poor Residences, Poor food

District Type: Goblinoid slum
Area 24: Poor food, Poor lodging, Poor residence, Poor trades

The Hollows
District Type: Prison District
Area 23: Prison, Poor services, Poor trades

The Colosseum
District Type: Arena
Area 25: Colosseum, Average Lodging, Average Trades, Average Food, Average Services, Exotic Trades

Little Barrow
District Type: Halfling district
Area 26: Temple (Shrine to Myrk), Average food, Average services, Average trade, Average residences

Tristan’s Hold
District Type: Marketplace
Area: 27, 28, 29: Temple (Dorn and Morden), Average food, Average lodging, Average services, Exotic trades, poor trades, poor services, poor food


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