Whereas most of the Realms are composed of smaller city-states or frontier borderlands, Astaria is a large feudal nation which spreads from the far western coasts of the Sea of Broken Dreams as far east as the mountains that border Zanthas.


Capitol: King’s Rest
Government: Feudal Monarchy
Ruler: King Belegard Vullen
Racial breakdown: 80% human, 10% Halfling, 5% Dwarven, 3% half-elf, 1% elven, 1% other

Astaria is by far the largest and most organized nation in the Realms. For centuries they have grown stronger and spread further despite political assassination attempts and periods of civil war and unrest.

Astarian humans (Astarians) tend to have an olive to tan complexion with brown or black hair and brown eyes. They are typically a hardy folk who have grown through generations of hard work.

The primary religion of Astaria is Astor. The main Diocese, known as The Corax, is located at King’s Rest. The current leader of the church is known as Terjon Castille IV. While religious devotion to other lawful or neutral deities is tolerated, the Church of Astor is regarded as the state religion.

The nation itself is composed of numerous baronies each with their own Lord all of whom have yielded to the sovereignty of King Belegard, recognized as the Guiding Light by the Lady Astor. His rule is regarded as divine and ultimate; a direct servant of Astor and her will.

The throne has changed hands many times over the course of history through civil wars, assassinations, and other plots. King Belegard has been in power for 25 years and his rule is known as just if not rigid.

Twenty years ago, Astaria took up arms against their then neighboring kingdom of Korynth, believing their right to the land was granted by Astor. King Belegard took the field himself to lead his legions of knights and soldiers against the rival kingdom. Over a decade of war left much of the land ravaged as well as its population devastated. Astaria created mighty golem warriors of steel and iron, called Warforged to fight in battle. Eventually King Belegard accepted the surrender of Korynth’s ruler, imprisoning him in King’s Rest and demanding the fealty of Korynth. Since that time, relations with the Korynthans has been tense as their lands were given over to new Lords and Barons. Falconhold, the keep held by Korynth’s ruler, has been occupied by Lord Hestival Florent, one of King Belegard’s most brilliant military minds, and a knight of Astor, for a decade and he has been charged with keeping the peace during the transition in rule. The warforged, having no real place after the war, had their memories erased and were often sold out to wealthy merchants from across the Realms to perform tasks of menial labor.

Recently it has been reported that King Belegard has grown ill, although the officials at King’s Rest deny this accusation. The nation now sits on the brink of civil war again.


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