Archons of the Obsidian

Over two centuries ago, Mordheim was ruled by an undead lich named Nagash. He was a minor noble who, through corruption and secret pacts with extra planar forces, rose to the top of the political hierarchy. He and his followers, a small group dedicated to the worship of Balor, managed to kill off the Justicars of the city, and take the throne of Mordheim.


After many decades of Nagash’s rule, Mordheim grew as a prosperous city. Crime was at an all time low, the city expanded, and the wealthy families stuffed their coffers. But while the city’s finances grew, Nagash’s cruelty and tyranny grew with it. Ultimately he became completely and utterly lost as time went on. Nagash wasn’t always such. When he first held aspirations of ruling, he saw himself as noble and dignified leader, more than capable of cleaning up the corruption within the city’s government. Ultimately his ambition became his undoing as he slipped further and further into madness while his power as an undead archmage grew.

Nagash was ultimately destroyed when a group of rebels, under the leadership of Varnh the Bold, a seasoned adventurer sick of seeing his fellow man under the tyranny of the undead lord, revolted and defeated Nagash.

It is said, he was turned to stone by a Medusa’s gaze. But Nagash never really died. Upon his death, the pieces which could unlock his phylactery, were scattered throughout the Realm hundreds and hundreds of miles apart. His remaining followers went into hiding forming the secretive group, the Archons of the Obsidian.

Decades later, the primary charge of the Archons of the Obsidian is to find the missing pieces that can unlock the phylactery of Nagash, raise him once again, and return to their rightful place as rulers of Mordheim.

Archons of the Obsidian

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