Klang (Deceased)

The warforged fighter. Loyal to his friends and deadly with his blade



Klang, the warforged fighter, hails from a kingdom far to the south of Mordheim. Designed as a killing machine, his mind was wiped. Having somehow gotten all the way to Mordheim, Klang has no idea about his own past, or his prior masters. A small tussle in a tavern which resulted in Klang accidentally killing a patron managed to get him locked away in jail, where he befriended a smooth talking Halfling named Sanderson. He was one of the winners of the annual Gauntlet of the Ghast Queen along with Sanderson, the dwarven cleric Gulf (now deceased), the human warlock Styg (deceased), and the elven Ranger known simply as The Archer, receiving a full pardon for his crimes.

Klang has a reputation for violence, as it is in his nature, but has a soft spot for his friends. He often struggles with the nature of normal mortals, as sometimes awkwardly mimics them. He is deadly with a blade and will do anything he can to protect his friends.


Klang (Deceased)

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