Mordheim - Towered City of Shadows

The Party Splits

After taking down the Yuan-ti and their pureblood the party was at a crossroads as to their next move. They had managed to obtain the evidence they needed to return to Balduran but their lack of stealth in obtaining it could have dire consequences.

Archer and Bucky agreed to leave and return to Skyhold carrying part of the Yuan-ti creature as proof of the cult’s existence. The rest of the party, concerned that the cult might simply relocate, decided to press on into Undermord to wipe them out. Fenghell and Zuit attempted to convince Archer and Bucky to stay and help them eliminate the cult, but the Archer had other plans. With that the group split.

As Klang, Fenghell, Zuit, and Sandy (along with his new skeleton companion) continued their delve into the underground dungeon. Along the way, they encountered two cultists carrying what looked to be a prisoner in tattered rags. The party engaged the cultists, killing them, and freeing the prisoner who revealed himself to be a man named Tyrell. Tyrell convinces the party to let him join them on their quest to wipe out the cult.

The group continues on finding another chamber full of cultists and proceeds to wipe them out leaving none standing. Meanwhile on the surface, Archer and Bucky encounter a mysterious stranger.


Upon returning to the surface into the ruined temple of Dorn, Archer and Bucky are immediately set upon by a woman wearing a mask. Her skin black as ebony and cracking she is accompanied by a group of undead servants of skeletons and zombies. She demands the goliath Bucky hand over the amulet, which he is presently wearing as a bracelet. The same amulet carried by the Yuan-ti Pureblood woman the group had slain earlier. Without any resistance, Bucky removes the amulet and tosses it to her. She commands her undead servants to kill them both and vanishes in the blink of an eye.

Archer and Bucky, sensing they are about to be overwhelmed, begin to run away. Making their way to the Crimson Daggers holdout, a tavern in Hells Gate, they seek out the Halfling Jorldren with whom they had previously made a deal to resurrect the dwarf, Gulf.

Jorldren agrees to see the characters where Archer makes an interesting proposition to the guild.


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