Mordheim - Towered City of Shadows

The Justicars Awaken

Having recently returned from eliminating the Yuan-ti threat, the party is commended for their heroism. Bucky (the Goliath Barbarian) and Archer (the elven Ranger) are approached by a mysterious figure after their encounter with the mysterious female necromancer. He is an old elf who introduces himself as Vertar. He tells the two that he had been tracking the necromancer until she encountered them and lost her trail.

Vertar reveals himself to be a member of the once proud Justicars, defenders of Mordheim who used a combination of powerful arcane abilities with martial prowess to protect the city. He proceeds to tell them that the necromancer he was tracking was a dark elf wizard named D’Mise, a servant of the Archons of the Obsidian. Their goal is to raise the undead tyrant Nagash, a powerful lich who once ruled the city, and give him control of Mordheim once more. He enlists the aid of Bucky and Archer in the task of finding D’mise and stopping her from collecting a group of artifacts that, when combined, form a key to unlock Nagash’s phylactery, once again bringing him into the material plane. He tells the party to seek out another ancient elf named Eltural, now a professor of ancient history and lore at Mordheim University, and one of the last remaining alive who remembers the horror of Nagash’s reign as ruler of Mordheim.

Bucky and Archer accept this quest and seek out Eltural to gain more info on the Justicars and the Archons of the Obsidian. After approaching Eltural in his tower at the university they soon discover that during his reign, Nagash had all of the Justicars killed deeming them traitors to the city. To Eltural’s knowledge, none had survived. He revealed to the party that a particular tome might unlock the secret to the next piece of Nagash’s key. The tome was recently stolen from the university and through powerful magic he had tracked its location to the home of a noblewoman named Naleria Ducard, a dealer in ancient and valuable texts and historical artifacts. The party agrees to enter Ducard’s home and attempt to retrieve the lost tome.

Sandy (the halfling bard), Klang (the warforged fighter), and Zuit (the Aarocockra cleric) attempted to scout out the home of Ducard by presenting themselves as merchants interested in purchasing the book. Ducard denied knowledge of the tome, and a melee soon ensued. Ducard managed to escape leaving her Necrophidius golems to deal with the intruders. The golems managed to kill all three of the party members, leaving the rest of the group in shock.

Bucky, Tyrell, Archer, and Fenghell don’t spend long mourning the loss of their friends before taking action, feeling their time frame might be limited on getting the book before Ducard decided to relocate it from her home. During this time, they were visited by a Dwarven war cleric of Crom, named Osyean who revealed himself to be the estranged father to their deceased friend, Gulf. Osyean agreed to aid the party in their efforts in retaining the book fearing the outcome of Nagash should he return to his position of power as Mordheim’s ruler.

With that, Bucky, Archer, Tyrell, and Osyean set off to investigate the home themselves. Tyrell used a magical spell to disguise his appearance as a city watch while Archer disguised himself as a servant. Once gaining access to her residence, however Ducard was not fooled and another encounter ensued. Osyean and Bucky, waiting outside for nearly half an hour for Tyrell to return decided to spring into action. During the fight, Bucky fell to the combined might of the Necrophidius golems and Ducard, who revealed herself to be a Dark Naga.

With the party now having lost four of their friends to Naleria Ducard and her construct servants, the party must regroup and decide how to handle this deadly threat.


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